I've crossed any face of business from starting up a company to manage a multinational enterprise company at local level (Country Manager and CEO). I'm very strong on the Sales and Marketing metodology, strategy and management with vision and capability to endorse Customer Experience.


My first focus was Web Design, graphic supervisor and development. With an Architecture Master Degree was easy to cross the digital arena with high level of quality and impact.


In the past I has been CEO of 21Network (a Benetton Group Company), collaborating with Giorgio Galli to design and develop Brand and Corporate Identity. The concept of Branndig is really focussed to the products and the positioning of the company and products on the market arena.


Creating company from Start-Up level and growth to high level managing strategy, marketing and sales departments. I'm trained in Solution Selling Methodology and I was teacher for Managers of Digital companies to Luiss University in Rome. Country Manager, CEO and President of different reality mainly part of multinational enterprise companies.

Sales Training

I'm able to create a striong Sales Team, managing budget and implementing methodology to reach target and increase revenues. Solution Selling Methodology is my fisrt approach to train Sales Account and give them a real technical methodology to permorm his job.


A strong leadership is one of my skill. With experience and strong leadership approach I can manage and drive teams to make "goal" and reach the best performances on his tasks. Strategic approach to plan and execute process mainly for Sales and Marketing departments.

Social Marketing

Close the gap between off-line and on-line marketing making sinergies to them and discovering new way to manage marketing. Social is one the arena where most of the main players are investing in this moment looking for the future.


Check out my latest projects.

Here you can find some of my projects for customers rounding though different sectors (web design, consultancy, management, etc). There are examples choosing from the full portfolio of projects(up + 5000 managed in 20 years).

About Me

This is what I am.

Born in Monza (MILAN) the 28th march 1962 - holds a bachelor's degree in Architecture from Milan Politecnico University.
From 1990 to 1994 he was in charge of the Architecture Design Department of the Politecnico University, developing Internet (Arpanet), university departments web sites and the experimental opening of the Architecture Design Department Intranet. He also collaborated with the Web Information Service (SIWA) to increase the first Italian university web site (www.polimi.it) with mentioning, for his activities, from the Politecnico Rector.
In 1995 founded, with other members, the Starlink Italia – one of the first Italian 100% internet oriented company – where Asiaghi held the position of Managing Director until 1997, when he became its President.
In 1996 he became Managing Director of 21Network, company belonging to 21Investimenti (Benetton), specialised in creating high communicative impact web sites.
In 2000, after the take over of Starlink by Integra, Asiaghi became Sales and Marketing Manager Integra, Manager of the Managed Hosting Division and Country Manager for Integra Italy. In this position Asiaghi has managed 2 different legal entity, one focussed in the infrastructures IT business, the other in IT Professional Services, managing globally more than 120 employees and reporting to the Corporate VP European Sales Director and to the European General Director. Member of the Integra's European Senior Committee and of the European Executive Board (15 managers).
In 2001, after the take over of Integra by Genuity (a Verizone subsidiary within more than 5000 employees worldwide in more than 40 countries), Asiaghi became Sales Director for Italy and eastern Mediterranean countries (worldwide 2001's award for excellence in Sales Management), Managing Director Amministratore Delegato and Italy Country Manager member of Board of Directors.
Genuity Inc. is a global provider of integrated, Internet infrastructure service, offering managed hosting, security, transport and access services to enterprises and services around the world. Genuity has more than 30 years of Internet experience growing out of the BBN and GTE Internetworking traditions. It acquired Integra in October this year, bringing the number of employees to over 4,000.
In December 2002, Asiaghi bought with and MBO the 100% of the Integra Hosting Italia spa shares becoming the Chairman of the Board of Directors and President/CEO.
In July 2005 Asiaghi became CEO's direct consultant of AoNet with the target to refocalize the company business model with sales force training and products development inside the internet infrastructure arena.
In 2007 Asiaghi is in charge as Executive Manager (consultant) in Pandora Energia spa to develop the sales team focussed in the business and domestic market.
Since jan 2008 Asiaghi is in charge as Executive Manager and deputy COO in Orang-e srl to develop the business with strategic plan to redesign the company focus. Actually is also in charge as Project Manager for the os migration of 1600 users in Zurich Insurance. The project will finish in Sept 2013.
In Orang-e Asiaghi developed the business unit named myWEBOK and is actually managing the spin-off of the BU to create a new company.
In July 2014 a new 'studio' has been opened in Milan. The main focus are architecture development, digital communication consultant and corporate identity.
Asiaghi is also a co-founder of the Italian ISOC (Internet Society) and co-founder and senior member of Retronet (an exclusive Italian club for the most representative Italian actors in the Internet arena).
More than 20 years in the Internet arena with both managing and entrepreneur experience reassumes in a recognized national leadership in the Internet and generally in the ICT Italian market.
To numerous announcements as active chairman in conferences, seminars and events in sector ICT and Internet, Professor to Graduate Courses in Business Administration majored in formation of Management with high competences in e-Business beside Luiss the Univ. Rome.

My Work Process.


Always ready to receive each new challenge with a vision projected innovation and integration of traditional management methods with the latest management techniques and tools.


With a thorough knowledge management strategies and processes applied methods of training the sales force (Solution Selling) is able to delineate paths of growth in companies where he got to work.


Passion is one of the values ​​that distinguishes me. The projects in which I choose to work for me become a challenge in which strive to achieve the best possible results.

Business Oriented.

All my business has always been focused on the achievement of financial results as well as image. The management of ROI is the basis of all my projects. I managed companies with thousands of employees and achieved sales networks of thousands of agents.

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Phone: +39 338 5068128
Email: enrico@asiaghi.it